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Care Designs - Tabard Bibs

Color: Pink bubbles

Larger Tabards for older children with special needs.

Care Designs' tabard style bibs for teenagers and adults offer the best in modern, comfortable and dignified design combined with long lasting materials. Made with our own high quality PRO80™ fabric, they are 100% waterproof, absorbent, strong, virtually stain proof and wonderfully soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. The tabards will stay clean and smart looking much longer than traditional bibs and are very durable for added value.

Available in two colours and two patterns in the Junior size.

  • Features
    1. Waterproof tabard style clothing protector
    2. Available in two patterns in the Junior size and in two colours in the small and medium size.
    3. Suitable for toddlers to teen years and even young adults
    4. Features a food catching pouch design for those messy eaters. The medium size reaches the lap.
  • Care Instructions
    1. Machine washable up to 80°C
    2. Tumble drier proof
  • Measurements
      Size Torso Length Should Width Body Width Neck Circumference
      Junior 32cm/12.5" 28cm/11" 23cm/9" 31-42cm/12-16.5"
      Small 42cm/16.5" 34cm/13" 28cm/11" 43-53cm/17-21"
      Medium 56cm/22" 41cm/16" 33cm/13" 44-58cm/17.5-23"