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Steel Blue

Care Designs' high quality, neoprene mats are waterproof, padded and insulating, offering the best in comfort and protection. Perfect for relaxing or as a changing mat or incontinence mat for older children, teenagers or adults they look smart and fold up with a secure, wrap-around elastic strap for storage and transporting out and about.

The neoprene sheet has a middle sponge rubber layer offers a smooth and cushioned feel and gives protection and insulation from cold, hard surfaces, so is ideal for use at home and outdoors. The sponge rubber is also fully waterproof to protect you from any dampness coming through from a surface underneath. Each side is covered in a fine, stretch fabric which feels great and is slightly absorbent to catch any little accidents. The mats are hand and machine washable at 30 degrees C. for excellent hygiene and cleanliness.

*We will be re-stocking adult changing mats in the coming days. Your order will be dispatched once stock has arrived. Thank you for your patience* 

  • Ideal mat for use as a changing mat for older children and adults
  • Generous size to lie on
  • Made from thick, padded neoprene (wetsuit material) to cushion the individual whilst lying on a floor
  • Thermally insulating - prevents cold coming through from a floor or the ground
  • Waterproof to stop any little accidents from spilling onto the floor and also prevents any dampness from the ground coming through
  • Easy clean and machine washable

160cm x 62cm


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