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Chewigem - Chewable Gumimoji

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Chewigem's Gumimoji a fun device to teach toddlers and young children emotions. With a variety of different emotional faces using Non Toxic 100% medical grade silicone allows you to clean it easily and keep it bacteria free.

  • Soft feel silicone bubbles
  • Plastic tray mounted
  • Bright funky fun colours
  • Portable

  • How to care for a Chewigem without a cord (e.g. Fidgets, handhelds & bangles)

    You can wash these using any of the below options:

    • Hot soapy water
    • Top rack of a dishwasher
    • Steam steriliser
    • Microwave steriliser
    • Sterilising solution

    For further information please refer to this Caring for your Chewigem guide which gives lots of information on looking after your Chewigem and prolonging its life.