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5 Awesome Wheelchair Accessories for Disabled Children

5 Awesome Wheelchair Accessories for Disabled Children

From a cup holder for a wheelchair to wheelchair wellies, there is a wide variety of wheelchair accessories available. In this blog, SpecialKids Company lists 5 awesome wheelchair accessories that we think you might find useful.

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  • Bundle Bean Wheelchair Cosy

  • A Bundle Bean Wheelchair Cosy is designed to ensure that your child is kept snug, warm and comfortable whilst out and about. This fantastic accessory is easy to put on and take off - there is no need to remove harnesses or take your child out of their wheelchair. This Waterproof wheelchair cosy so that it can be used in all weathers, it also comes with a fantastic pocket pouch for easy storage.

  • Tray Buddi

  • Tray Buddi is an amazing wheelchair tray accessory, which is designed to attach to most wheelchairs and specialist buggies with trays. It’s purpose is simple - keeping objects on the tray and off of the floor! The Tray Buddi has quick release buckles, adjustable straps and can be purchased in pink and aqua. This wheelchair accessory can also be used on highchairs and booster seats. It wipes clean with a damp cloth and is dishwasher proof.

  • Muggi Tray

  • The Muggi Tray is a fantastic wheelchair cup holder for wheelchair users. It can hold up to four mugs, glasses, bottles (or whatever else you can fit inside it!) easily and safely. The Muggi Tray can help your child to carry drinks independently and will catch any unwanted spills. It’s made of tough plastic and features non-slip rubber feet as well as finger and thumb-holds, which helps to make it easier to carry. It comes in a variety of colours and has a remarkable 88 year guaranteed

  • Wheel Wellies

  • It’s impossible to keep wheelchair wheels clean when out and about. If your child is a full-time wheelchair user, ideally you want to avoid dirt from outside transferring from the wheelchair wheels on to your carpet and floors. This is where Wheel Wellies by My Buddy Buggy can help. These wheelchair tire covers they have been designed to protect your floor and carpet from dirt and mud. The universal fit with included velcro straps means that they will fit any wheel size.

  • My Buddy Buggy Side “Pocket” Bag

  • If you have a child with special needs, it’s quite possible that you carry a big bag around with you full of essentials! But it can be easy to lose the little things in big bags that you need to grab quickly. Whether this is an issue you face or you just need to take out a few things and would rather leave the bag at home, the My Buddy Buggy Pocket is a handy solution. It hangs easily on wheelchair and buggy handles and is positioned on the side so that it doesn't get in your way. You can store your purse, keys, tickets and so much more inside. These pockets are showerproof and open with a zip.

    Explore these products and many more from our wheelchair accessories category which offers a wide range of specialist accessories.
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