Incontinence wear is designed to provide extra flexibility and insurance for your child.  With our wide range of incontinence products available including nappies, pyjamas and swimwear, we have the solution for you.

Shop for swimsuits that are fashionable as well as functional from Kes-Vir.  These swimsuits offer adjustability, especially around the girth of the upper leg and around the waist, where snug fitting is crucial - to prevent leakage. With swim nappies, any child who experiences incontinence can now enter the water with complete confidence, with special needs swim nappies / diapers will stop solid and semi-solid leaks.

Our range of Attends absorbent disposable pants are designed to manage urinary and/or faecal incontinence with a variety of absorbency levels available. An affordable option to suit your childs incontinence needs.

Alternatively if you are looking for a more eco-friendly option for potty training and bed wetting, Peejamas could be the solution for you. Kid-friendly, eco-friendly, and wallet-friendly alternatives to disposable daytime and night-time nappies or trainers. Plus, they're super cute compared to disposable nappies.