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Company Values

The focus of SpecialKids.Company is as follows:

  • to FOCUS first and foremost on engaging, understanding and providing premium quality, unique and affordable products with the view of easing your daily challenges
  • always SEEKING to innovate and develop new ideas and products based on customer needs
  • to NURTURE long term relationships with customers and business partners alike to ensure the sustainability of the business through repeat business and invaluable advocacy
  • to create POSITIVE customer experiences where we give value and service above and beyond customer satisfaction
  • to nurture the TALENTS of the in-house team, empowering and encouraging them to use their initiative and do their best whilst being sensitive to their personal lives and needs
  • to provide and INSPIRING and comfortable environment in which talent can flourish
  • CHAMPION and pursue technical and design excellence
  • to ENSURE the commercial viability of the business whilst upholding these values
  • to ENCOURAGE and inspire others' talents through supporting ventures and projects for the best interest of children with special needs