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Top 5 Summer UK Activities for Kids with Special Needs

Top 5 Summer UK Activities for Kids with Special Needs

With the arrival of the summer holidays, parents of children with special needs often find ourselves having more time available to spend bonding with our children. Whilst doing fun sensory and stimulating activities at home is rewarding, sometimes going out on a summer adventure can be a welcome break for both of you.

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The following are what we believe to be the top five summer activities you can do with your child this summer:

1 Camp Mohawk

Without a doubt, Camp Mohawk is one of the best multi-functional centre’s for special needs children and their families. Located outside Wargrave, Berkshire, the centre is situated in five acres of countryside.

The facilities of Camp Mohawk provide a natural and safe space for children to play, socialise and learn whilst building self-confidence. Also on offer are stimulating workshops. Families, groups, and children can access Camp Mohawk at any time during the year for a minimum fee of £24 per year.

2 Visit the Cinema

Visiting the cinema is another great activity that you can do with your child and now it is special needs friendly. If you have not yet got an CEA Card, this summer may be a great time to do so and benefit from the UK Cinema Association (UKCA). The CEA Card is a national card scheme organized by UKCA as a means to cater for disabled people at the cinema. This card provides the disabled person’s companion a free movie ticket. The card costs £6 per year.

3 Woodland Trust

SpecialKids.Company autism special needs

Summer is a great time to explore the woods with your child. Woodland Trust is focused on preserving forests in the UK. Although they plant trees and preserve nature, they are open to the public. Some of the activities that families can do include recording wildlife, going on an ancient tree hunt, walking through the woods, or foraging. Whatever your choice of activity, both you and your child can enjoy the relaxing and fun experience of being surrounded by nature.


SSAFA is dedicated to helping families with special needs family members by offering a variety of Short Breaks. These short breaks are a week long, providing families time away from home and opportunities to participate in new activities and challenges whilst making new friends. For those families whose children are between the ages of 8 and 14, SSAFA can be a great summer adventure.

5 Fairytale Farm

For those children who have a love for animals, exploration, and imagination, Fairytale Farm provides an opportunity for your child to participate in a fairytale sensory experience, meet a variety of animals, experience adventure play and have fun in the indoor play area. Fairytale Farm is a relaxed fun-filled day out for the whole family.

Summer is about bonding

Whatever you do with your child this summer, whether you are at home, outdoors or at one of the above venues, summer provides you with an opportunity to bond more deeply with your child.


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