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  • a digital image that looks like a circuit board with a outline of a human head and its cortex
    August 8, 2023 Rebecca Sharrock


    I was given a comforting (as well as exciting) idea. There was a time when I had to travel over to California, to have an MRI done by the lab researching one of the conditions that I have. My mother did of course have to come along with me, and we spent just over a week there. In addition to having my MRI that week, I also got to meet and talk to the famous robot Asimo. Asimo certainly was extremely technologically advanced for his time. He amazed crowds with these qualities; though I discovered that his primary purpose was to assist people with disabilities as well. That is when I received the idea of eventually having a robot of my own to both help me and keep me company.
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  • Autsim_Routine_Structure_Familiarity_anxiety_stress
    April 30, 2018 Rebecca Sharrock

    The Benefits of Change

    Due to my autism I naturally find change very difficult. Unexpected changes can leave me anxious so routine has always been a comfort to me, however despite feeling content with repetition, I do still become bored with it.


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  • Sleep_Paralysis_Disorder_REM_Sleep_Treatment
    February 26, 2018 Rebecca Sharrock

    Coming To Grips With Sleep Paralysis

    An experience of Sleep Paralysis occurs when the mind becomes conscious, yet the person’s physical body remains asleep (and therefore paralysed) for up to several minutes. Most people experience Sleep Paralysis at least once throughout their lifetime, and some people (including myself) experience it regularly or on a nightly basis.
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  • Autism_Routine_Sensory_Processing_Meltdowns
    January 27, 2018 Rebecca Sharrock

    Routine and Slower Processing

    Whenever something unexpected occurs which leaves me with no other choice than to change my timetable, I experience extreme anxiety and often have a meltdown as a result. In addition to having autism I also have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which multiplies those challenges by two.
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  • December_Autism_Stress_Anxiety
    December 19, 2017 Rebecca Sharrock

    December As An Autistic Person

    Every event of my life that is most significant to me occurs in the month of December. It contains my birthday, Christmas and New Year's Eve which are all very exciting but at the same time cause me stress and anxiety for various reasons
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