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Chewigem (Adult) - Bonnie Bubba Bangle


One of the first Chewigems designed back in 2011 with discretion at the heart of its design. The Bonnie Bangle whilst aimed at adults is also a hugely popular fidget toy in its own right. People love its Flipability!

Stimmers around the globe adore this classic design. It might look simple, this is its beauty. It is really flexible and you can flip it around on itself, this gives a satisfying almost ‘snap’ back into position. Its smooth texture and glossy finish are so soothing and it is a popular self-regulation tool. 

  • Smooth and Glossy texture
  • Flexible making it very squeezable
  • Can be worn on the wrist or used as a handheld
  • Discreet for work or a social setting
  • Perfect for nail biters and sleeve chewers

91% of people say Chewigem helps them concentrate  

Picture the scene, you are at work and the heat from the office and the droning of your colleague, the printers whirring is setting you on edge… you cannot escape from your desk, but you know if you can just reach for something to self regulate you will manage this. You slip your bonnie bangle off your wrist and squeeze it… the bangle, that Sandra from accounts commented on this morning as she thought it was lovely and wondered where you got it from. You rhythmically pulse it in your palm, flip it over on itself and you can feel a calm wash over you from the top of your head down to your toes. 

The bangle is smooth it feels really nice. I love to flip it.”

  • Once damaged, Chewigem should be discarded and replaced.

    All products through chewing will eventually show signs of wear and tear. How long that depends on a variety of factors and it can take time to find the right product for you.

    As a general guide, refer to the lifespan tables for an indication of longevity. Check regularly for damage.

    All products have been widely tested and you can be confident they are lead, latex, PVC, and phthalate-free.
    In children and any person with a learning disability, that does not understand risks, it is vital all products should be used with supervision and checked regularly for damage.
    As soon as wear and tear shows, the product should be discarded. This means a tear or puncture that could cause a larger section to break off.

  • How to care for a Chewigem without a cord (e.g. Fidgets, handhelds & bangles)

    You can wash these using any of the below options:

    • Hot soapy water
    • Top rack of a dishwasher
    • Steam steriliser
    • Microwave steriliser
    • Sterilising solution

    For further information please refer to this Caring for your Chewigem guide which gives lots of information on looking after your Chewigem and prolonging its life.

  •  Chewing Style Average Lifespan in Weeks
    Aggressive 3
    Moderate 6
    Mild 9