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Chewigem - Lanyard Spare


Flat body ultra smooth polyester lanyards, the perfect Chewigem accessory.  Fitted with a metal trigger attachment and safety break these are the perfect accessory for school, uni, work or everyday!  

Attach a Chewigem, fidget toy, ID or door pass

One lanyard.

    1. 1 x Lanyard
    2. Soft silky material
    3. Small clip for attaching to a Chewigem or ID pass
    4. Breakaway clasp
    5. Ideal for those who prefer a lanyard over a necklace cord.
  • Lanyards work with the majority of our pendants that have small holes for the cord to go into. If you wish to buy a pendant and a lanyard then might be worth dropping us a message and checking if the pendant you are buying will work with it.