Chewigem (Kids) - Wave Bangle





Chewigem's Wave Bangle sizes as a fashionable sensory aid that provides an effective sensory aid.

They stack beautifully too, with an ultra soft fee.  They are chewable, twistable and fun.  Useful for nail biters as you can wear over the four fingers as a barrier to the nails and re-direct chewing to the bracelet.

Matte finish.
Simple but effective!

This chewable bangle is known to significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels. It is also great for stimming and fidgeting and is ideal for children and adults who suffer from SPD Sensory Processing Disorder or those who feel the need to stim and chew. Chewigem bangles are fashionable and safe to chew, and are suitable for those who are moderate to aggressive chewers.

This product is CE marked (meets EU standards for health & safety)

  • Wearable chewellry bracelet for kids
  • Fashionable chewellry bangle that looks great!
  • Chewable jewellery that's safe to chew
  • Proven to significantly reduce stress and tension
  • Ideal for adults with SPD Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Suitable those with sensory issues or anxiety

    • Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth

    Size: 3.00 x 3.00 x .25. Internal diameter:  2.25 (approximate in inches)



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